It’s no wonder HR is exhausted—they’ve spent more than a year caring for the emotional needs of employees as they navigated multiple crises. But HR isn’t just emotionally exhausted—they’re experiencing compassion fatigue.

Often called the cost of caring, compassion fatigue occurs when prolonged exposure to others’ pain leads to a reduced ability to empathize.  This on-demand webinar takes a deep dive into how compassion fatigue impacts HR professionals, emotionally and professionally.

Check out our Compassion Fatigue Webinar for HR Professionals and learn:

  • What compassion fatigue feels like 
  • How to identify compassion fatigue in ourselves and others
  • Strategies to prevent compassion fatigue and coping mechanisms for when you or a team member is struggling with compassion fatigue
  • How to provide care when you’re faced with compassion fatigue and more!

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What Members Had to Say About the Webinar:


“Thank you, Dustin.  This was SO GOOD!”

Renee Patey
Director of Operations | Rosov Consulting


This has been SO NEEDED for me to hear—and to know I'm not alone in experiencing compassion fatigue.

Anne Pitkin
Human Resources | University of Iowa


"This was really thought-provoking—I really appreciate it. Thank you."

KayCee Johnson
Human Resources | Peace Health