Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

Our ACT teams provide intensive, community-based mental health, behavioral health, and social services for individuals with mental illness, substance use, unemployment, homelessness, or other major life challenges. Our teams include trained peer support specialists, case managers, and clinicians.

Autism Services

Our autism services provide comprehensive behavior support and training for individuals with autism and their families. Support is provided at home or in schools by trained behavior health specialists, supervisors, and certified professionals.

Counseling & Therapy

Our extensive counseling and therapy services provide support for children and adults with a broad range of behavioral health, mental health, and social needs. Services are provided by trained behavioral health specialists, case managers, and licensed professionals.

Case Management & Care Coordination

We provide comprehensive case management and care coordination support to help our clients receive essential health and social services. Services are provided by trained staff, specialists and professionals.


We provide education, education support, and training for children with behavioral health challenges. Our education services are provided in schools, homes, and communities by trained staff, specialists, and professionals.

Psychiatric Services

We provide comprehensive psychiatric services for children and adults with behavioral and mental health needs. Services are provided by mental health professionals, nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists.

Substance Use Services

We provide comprehensive substance use services which include assessments, education, and recovery support. Services are provided by trained peer support specialists and professionals.

Supported Employment & Housing

We provide extensive support to help individuals secure stable employment or housing. Services are provided by trained staff and specialists.

Supported Employment & Supported Housing

For those in need of extra help to retain a job or a home whether due to mental health concerns or substance use disorder, we offer training and basic living skills support.

Foster a Child

Regular Foster Care

We recruit and train foster parents and license family foster homes to support the essential needs of foster children, including housing, parental support, and comfort.

Treatment Foster Care

We recruit, train, and license foster parents for a foster child who requires higher levels of behavioral support and/or clinical therapy.

Adoption Support

We provide support for families wanting to provide a permanent home or adopt a child.

Child & Family Support Services

We provide comprehensive services to help establish and maintain safe, nurturing, stable, and supportive families.

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Residential Support Services

Our small supported-living facilities provide daily living support, nursing services, and community integration activities for individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities.

Serious Mental Illness Residential Support Services

Our small supported-living facilities provide daily living support, nursing services, and community integration activities for individuals with serious mental illness.



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The team is amazing, and I couldn't have gotten through this process without them.

They help me understand how my son's brain works. Read more

We are so grateful for Andriena at Clarvida.

It has been a tough year for my son and she’s really been a help—I can't thank her enough. Read more

Amber has saved my life, time and time again. I can't put into words how I feel about her.

She is a huge asset to Clarvida. Not only does she help me navigate my children, but she helps me navigate myself. She is always there to encourage me and appreciate her so much—as do my husband and children. Read more

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