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Find out how much employees' mental health concerns are costing your company each year, on average.

What you can expect to learn from the calculator:

  • What your company approximately loses each year from lost time, turnover, and healthcare costs due to serious mental health conditions.
  • How many of your employees, on average, struggle with depression, suicidal thoughts, and substance abuse.
  • How much you could approximately save this year by helping a single employee with a serious mental health condition.

About this Calculator

This calculator uses data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH)1 to estimate how many of your employees show signs of serious psychological distress (SPD) and how much that distress costs your company each year.

According to the CDC, Serious psychological distress includes mental health problems severe enough to cause moderate-to-serious impairment in social, occupational, or school functioning and to require treatment.2

Please note that this calculator is an estimate of the cost of your workplace mental health using national and industry averages.  Additionally, the calculator does not take into account other costs that are difficult to quantify, including lost productivity from mental illness, as well as the costs associated with mild-to-moderate mental illnesses that don’t require treatment. 

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Act now–don't wait.

Companies lose thousands, sometimes millions of dollars, each year due to mental health conditions in the workplace. Find out what you could potentially save by supporting employee mental health and well-being today.